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Coco & Morgenstern is the brainchild of two co-workers Sophie Coco & Lark Morgenstern. After sharing stories about job hunting in the art world, they realized they both casually scrolled through nyfa.org’s classifieds page like it was the New York Times. They shared a unique passion for sharing interesting job postings with friends and exploring opportunities available at different galleries and art-related companies around New York City. It seemed unusual for two people - not necessarily on the job hunt themselves - to find such pleasure in connecting friends to their professional network, editing resumes, and providing ad-hoc interview prep. However, after years of helping friends find jobs, they kept coming back to the conclusion that finding an entry-level or mid-career job in the art & design world is a particularly challenging task. It’s a competitive market, where it’s often "who you know" not "what you know" and they realized there aren’t enough resources to support the millennial job seeker in this industry. If you are reading this, you probably know this already - but do not fear we are here to help! Our years of experience in auction houses, museums, galleries, and digital art markets give us a unique insight to help you find your next opportunity.

Sophie Coco


While working in art in New York and Dallas, I began to recognize a need for specialized career support and development for my peers and colleagues.  I found myself disheartened as I watched friends leave their art & design jobs because they did not see a viable or sustainable way to continue on this career path. I had a passion for helping them find a way forward that not only kept them in the arts but allowed them to find a career that used their strengths.

Lark Morgenstern


I began my career by working in art college admissions helping young artists and writers navigate the daunting world of portfolio preparation. After completing graduate-level study in design history I began building a career in the art & design world by working for fine art & design galleries, museums, and e-commerce marketplaces. These experiences revealed a lack of resources in career development and growth for young talent in this sector. I actively work to provide thoughtful and empathetic assistance for those looking for their career path.


Providing the next generation of art & design leaders with thoughtful and strategic career coaching.


To create an art & design world where forward-thinking institutions providing opportunities for a diverse, driven, and talented job seekers are the norm.

Core values


We see past the traditional corporate ladders and structures in order to create a personal career strategy with a thoughtful design and you in mind.


We value your differences across experience, gender, ethnicity, class and more. We seek to find you as an individual find a career path that will grow with you.


We help you grow connection and resonance in your relationships with peers and mentors to ensure you have the skills to cultivate a network of valuable individuals.


We find ways to optimize your opportunities, education and personal strengths in order to focus on a career path that will empower you to find and control your success.

Coco &




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