the top lot package

Are you looking for a coach and materials that will guide you from start to finish in the job-hunting process? Along with all the benefits of the New  Collector Package, you will also receive a curated list of open opportunities and continued one-on-one coaching.

what is included



interview preparation

 cover letter tips

One-on-one coaching

salary negotiation guide 

polished and prepared

The key to success is staying consistently in touch with your goals and maintaining a healthy relationship with work, but you need the tools to measure your achievements. Our coaches will build a relationship with you, your goals and skills in order to help you break down obstacles in your career path.

The Top Lot Package gives you an easily accessible toolbelt from our guides to job hunting, one-on-one coaching and salary negotiation skills. Being the Top Lot means you have our full attention.

In this package

  • A 29-Page Downloadable PDF Guide to Achieving Your Next Career Goal

    • ​How to Prepare for the Job Hunt

    • Resume Tools for Promised Success

    • Resume Profile Guidelines and Samples

    • Resume Samples and Templates for Art & Design Careers

    • How to Write an Engaging Cover Letter

    • How to Prepare for an Interview

      • Questions for the Interviewer​

      • How to Answer Common Questions in a Unique Way

    • Network Emailing Tips & Tricks

    • Post-Interview Email Samples

  • A 15-Page Downloadable PDF Guide to Negotiating Salary and Benefits

  • Coaching Sessions:

    • An initial 60-minute session to meet your coach 

    • Clients that are actively job searching are provided with a curated list of open positions 

    • Resume and cover letter review 

    • 90-day check-in with the coach to evaluate your progress

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