the NEW COLLECTOR package

Thinking about looking for a new position and need to update your resume, cover letter and prepare for those tough interview questions?  Our New Collector Package gives you all the tools plus in-person coaching sessions with our staff.

what is included



interview preparation

 cover letter tips

One-on-one coaching

preparing to move up

Taking the next step after your first job or pushing for a promotion at your current company forces you to take a look at your goals. What have I achieved in my current role? What skills have I acquired and how do they fit into my career goals? Have I built a strong network of connections? 

These are all questions that you as a job seeker should be asking yourself and our coaches have created the New Collector Package to help you overcome any obstacle on your way to success.

In this package

  • A 29-Page Downloadable PDF Guide to Achieving Your Next Career Goal

    • ​How to Prepare for the Job Hunt

    • Resume Tools for Promised Success

    • Resume Profile Guidelines and Samples

    • Resume Samples and Templates for Art & Design Careers

    • How to Write an Engaging Cover Letter

    • How to Prepare for an Interview

      • Questions for the Interviewer​

      • How to Answer Common Questions in a Unique Way

    • Network Emailing Tips & Tricks

    • Post-Interview Email Samples

  • A 60-minute Video or In-Person Meeting with a Coach to Discuss Career Goals

  • Resume and Cover Letter Review with a Coach

  • Ability to Connect with Your Coach for Questions Prior to Interviews

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